No matter who you are, you can make a difference

Recycle jeans, jackets, shirts, skirts and more. Drop off your denim or mail it in to us. Every item makes a difference, and everyone’s invited to contribute.

Celebrating 10 years of denim recycling.

To kick off the 10th anniversary of the Blue Jeans Go Green™ program, a VIP reception was held and hosted by fashion and beauty influencer Olivia Culpo in NYC. The celebration served as the opening of a Pop-up Art Gallery that merged the worlds of art and style with recycling.

Thanks for recycling over 1 million pieces of denim.

With your help and the support of celebrities like Hayden Panettiere, Britney Spears, Ryan Phillippe and more, we've collected over one million pieces of denim. Here's to the next million!

You and your denim make a difference
Today on @Madewell’s blog I’m sharing 5 ways I’m refreshing for 2019. I’ve realized over the years that making ‘resolutions’ just doesn’t work for me (but nothin’ wrong if you enjoy it! #YouDoYou).  
Bring in your old jeans to any of our stores, and our pals at #bluejeansgogreen will recycle them into housing insulation (plus we’ll give you $20 off a new pair).  
new year, new chances to become a better version of myself ? so thrilled to be partnering with @madewell to share the good news about their denim recycling program in partnership with #bluejeansgogreen! this year i’m making an effort to be more mindful with my clothing & with @madewell & #bluejeansgogreen, i can recycle my old denim to be made into something brand new! i love little ways to make the world a greener place ♡ what is your new years resolution?  
hit refresh / we’re talking closet cleanouts and other ways to reset in 2019 with a few friends this week—stay tuned for their tips. in the meantime, learn more about how you can recycle your old jeans with #bluejeansgogreen, turn them into housing insulation for organizations like @habitatforhumanity aaand get $20 off a new pair. link in bio.  
Denim as housing insulation?! Yup, it's a thing. Learn more about our partnership with Blue Jeans Go Green™️ in our story.